jueves, 8 de octubre de 2015

Student Blogging Challenge.- Activity 1

Hey there!

I'm Amelia Kay (or Ky, as you wish), I'm from Mexico and I'm 18 years old. Currently, I'm studying International Relations here in Mexico.

I must say that I'm very excited about this challenge. I'm a new blogger and I'm a little bit nervous about this! I really want to meet new friends from all over the world. So, here we go!: 

When I read that I had to write about if I'm a different person here on the internet than in real life, I realized that I'm the same person. I've not created a character (and I will not) because I prefer reading a true blog with a true perspective than reading a character; I mean, there are books for that! Which I highly recommend to read, for example, "A Song of Ice and Fire", mostly known as GoT. 

Anyway, I'm the same person. I think the only difference is that here I can communicate freer because you know, I can write bad words and I can express myself without fearing that the person isn't paying attention. I would believe that if you're here, reading this, you're paying me at least 75% of attention. 

So yeah, maybe internet is better to communicate because you find people who think more or less like you and you read what it really interests you at the time you want. Nevertheless, real life communication is wonderful. To see a human's face in front of you is just so nice! 

Well, if you want to be in touch you can always find me on Twitter as: @AmeliaKayBlog or send me an email to: ameliakayblog@gmail.com

Hope you'll enjoy reading my posts as I will reading yours! 

PD: I know, there are lots of these buddies here in my blog "," it's because in Spanish we use them a lot. I'll try to use them less if it bothers you (please let me know if it does). 

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  1. G'day Amelia Kay aka Ky,
    Thanks for taking part in the student blogging challenge. I hope you enjoy the activities and you can always adapt them to suit what is happening in your student life at that moment.

    To make connections with other students, please check out the list of students at the top of the header in the challenge blog. You can also tweet about your posts by using #15stubc on Twitter.

    If you don't want to be spammed all the time, I suggest you put your email in a widget on your blog like I have on the challenge blog, rather than include in each post.