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Student Blogging Challenge.- Activity 3

Let's give a little bit of context over here: (Btw, don't you dare to think this will be boring because I've used the word "Philosophy")

Philosophy tries to answer these three questions: 

1-Who I am?

2-What's the world? What surrounds me?

3-What's God? (If it exists)

As many philosophers, we also try to understand and to answer those questions. In this case, I will only answer the first one, and I will do it assuming that you've already read the Activity 1.

Who I am? What makes me who I am?

 q  I love philosophy, and nope, I'm not kidding you; and yes, maybe you've already knew that. 
 q  I consider myself as extrovert most of the time. I love debating and speaking. I'm a desmadre *wink, wink*. 
q  I'm into social behaviors. I really enjoy being with people, I like watching how they react (I'm not creepy, dude, I swear it) but mostly I enjoy sharing moments and experiences with them. 
 q  I speak four languages (or at least I try to). I speak Spanish (Tacos!), English, French (fancy, isn't?) and German. 
q  I learned English when I went to Canada for a semester. I mean, I already knew it because english is taught here in Mexico since you're little, but I mastered it in Canada. 
 q  When I was in Canada I met a teacher that made me wondered: "Why not social sciences or humanities?". Thanks Sarwat Viqar!
q  I'm not the one who appears on my profile picture, I just didn't want to use an avatar nor a picture of me. And I don't want to use a picture of me not because I consider myself ugly, just because I'm a little bit shy.
 q  Woho, did I just say that I'm shy but before that I said that I'm extrovert? Indeed, my friend. I'm kind of a mix of introvert and extrovert. For example, some weekends I go to the club, some others I stay in my house reading or playing videogames. #BrainFart
 q  I'm catholic, and I'm not crazy... Well, kind of, but it's a good type of craziness and it's not because I'm religious. 
q  Technically, I'm not studying International Relations, I'm studying International Business because I.R. will be open in my city next year. So basically, I'm being a complete "Flâneur" this year, but next August I'll be heading towards my goal: Licenciada en Relaciones Internacionales (International Relations Degree). 
 q  It scares me to say that I don't see me performing any job after achieving my degree. But YOLO, I try not to think about it as I'm leaving now and who knows? Maybe next year I will win a Nobel Prize. 
q  I love not being in control of the situations. I try to just follow the flow, and when I do that, if leads me to wonderful experiences. 
 q  If you ever want to make me super happy, you can give me any type of LEGO (the big ones with tons of pieces are the best), dog or a cat, a videogame (FIFA 16, Ocarina of Time or Sims 4 would be awesome) or tickets to go to London, Montreal, San Francisco or Buenos Aires. 
Jolines, you just read my 13 bullet points! Thanks for that :)

As you know, you can always let me a comment down bellow or send me a tweet (@AmeliaKayBlog) or an email (ameliakayblog@gmail.com) if you want to keep in touch in me. I would love to be friends with you. 

Have a good one!


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  1. G'day again,
    As a new blogger, you might want to check out the hints here for improving your blog - this is created by a teacher in New Zealand - it all relates to blogspot blogs while most of the instructions I put in the challenge blog are for Edublogs users.


    Remember to add the challenge badge to your blog if you want.